Rockin’ Wellness Shake Review

The concept of meal replacement shakes keep taking a different outlook as users demand better products with extra help to the body. Rockin’ Wellness is manufactured to help users get all the energy they require without foregoing their tasty preferences. This is a complete review to assess all aspects of the shake and help you arrive at the right decision on whether to use it or not.
Ingredients and nutrition
In every serving, Rockin’ Wellness delivers a total of 90 calories which is ideal for people targeting to cut weight. Most of the ingredients are plants based which makes it an ideal selection especially for vegans.
Proteins: Every scoop of Rockin’ Wellness provides 4 grams of proteins which is very low for a meal replacement shake. When compared to other shakes in the market, Rockin’ Wellness could have done better by raising the protein content. For example, 310 Shake contains 15 grams while Isagenix Isalean has 24 grams.
The main type of protein used in the shake is brown rice protein that provides very important amino acids to strengthen cell organs and promote their function. With ample brown rice proteins, you are sure of building lean muscles and cutting on weight. The shake also contains soy protein that forms part of cell content and works with fibers to slow down release of nutrients so that you can keep feeling full for longer.
Sugar: The user gets 6 grams of sugar in every serving which is relatively high but not to the level of other shakes that have up to 15 grams. The difference between Rockin’ Wellness sugar and others is that it derives its sources from natural plants. Sweeteners in the shake are also natural and extracted from stevia leaves.
Fibers: To help block hunger, the shake provides a total of 2 grams in every serving. This is very low for a shake that targets keeping people feeling satisfied between meals. It would be better if the manufacturer raised the level of fibers to reach other top shakes such as Atkins Advantage that have 6 grams and Nutriiveda that comes with 7 grams.
Vitamins and minerals: Rockin’ Wellness provides a very limited amount of vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The manufacturer should raise this amount to reach a total of 30%-35% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of about 20 vitamins and minerals.
Prebiotics: To help the body more, Rockin’ Wellness contains important prebiotics that goes a long way in maintaining the right gut environment to ease digestion and nutrient absorption. In every serving, you are sure of getting enough L. Acidophilus that will help you feel energetic and stay free from common gut problems such as indigestion.
Antioxidants and important enzymes: To help the body get rid of toxins that enter through food and pollutants, the shake contains useful antioxidants to clear them and keep the body free from cancers. It also contains important enzymes that go a long way in promoting glandular functioning.
Green tea and natural herbs extracts: Natural extracts and tea are known to help reduce anxiety, depression, and boost metabolism that help to cut weight without necessarily requiring you to get involved in a lot of exercises. The main plants used to extract these ingredients include flax seeds, raw cacao, and Goji berries.
Rockin’ Wellness Appetite Suppressants
To block hunger, Rockin’ Wellness uses proteins, fibers, and various herbs. However, the quantity of proteins and fibers are very low making it impossible to block hunger for a longer time. Many users get hungry within a span of about two hours. If you are involved in more intensive tasks, the number of hours the shake helps you block hunger will be fewer.
Rockin’ Wellness price
A packet of Rockin’ Wellness costs $60 which translates to about $2/serving. Though this is relatively low compared to other shakes that are twice as costly, the manufacturer should consider bringing it further down close $1.5 which is considered ideal for meal replacement shakes. Remember that this price could fluctuate to as high as $3.0/serving depending on the store you are buying from. The best places to buy are online stores such as Amazon and eBay.
Rockin’ Wellness flavors
Rockin’ Wellness is available in two main flavors; vanilla and chocolate. However, it is the taste of natural stevia that is more characteristic when you put the shake in the mouth. To make the shake even more appealing, some users add it to their favorite orange, pineapples, or apple drinks. However, it is important to ensure that the juices you add are low in calories.
Rockin’ Wellness Pros
• Rockin’ Wellness is made from natural plants extracts that are healthy, natural, and does not have side effects. Even people with very sensitive bodies will find the shake easy and fun to use.
• The shake provides useful body prebiotics and natural enzymes that complement the ingredients to ensure that every organ, grand, and system is functioning properly.
• This shake is relatively affordable compared to others in the market. Other top shakes such as Shakeology and Evolv Shake cost $4.33/serving and $3.0/serving respectively.
• The shake is very easy to prepare. Whether you only have about 30 seconds to get back to work or simply want to prepare without stopping the computer, this is the shake to go for.
Rockin’ Wellness Cons
• As a meal replacement shake, Rockin’ Wellness should have very low amounts of sugar. However, 6 grams is still relatively high especially when served with an equally low amount of proteins.
• The low level of vitamins in the shake could easily compromise the objective of making the shake a whole body health product. Just like the focus on getting everything natural, the manufacturer should also increase the amount of vitamins and minerals.
In this review, Rockin’ Wellness came out to be a well thought of shake because all the ingredients are natural and match well with the body. Also, the shake is more affordable and effective in blocking hunger. For those who enjoy a vegan lifestyle, this is the shake to go for. However, people who target sugarless shakes might want to compare other top shakes in the market.