Key Elements Found in the Best Protein Bars

For a pick-me-up during the day while working or going to school, to boost energy and performance while at the gym, or simply to provide the body with nutrients when there is no time to sit down to a normal mean, the best protein bars are an ideal solution. There are many exciting benefits associated with protein bars but one challenge in that the market is flooded with multiple choices.

Although there are many high quality products manufactured by reputable companies, they sit on shelves right next to protein bars considered low quality. To most consumers, identifying the best protein bars is further challenged by fancy packaging and smart marketing to include boastful claims. Obviously, the goal is to look past all the fluff to find the best protein bars, those made with high quality ingredients and products proven effective and safe.
Benefits of Protein Bars

Before we offer suggestions for finding the best protein bars, it would help to understand the benefits of what these small bars provide. With this, the value of protein bars is much more appreciated.

Convenience ??? Protein bars are packaged in much the same way as candy bars so after peeling back the paper, these bars are ready for consumption. As such, it would be easy to keep the best protein bars in a desk drawer at work, locker at school, in a purse, or even taken some along in a briefcase while traveling for business or pleasure.

Affordability ??? Compared to what it would cost to provide the body with the same amount of protein using protein-rich food, these bars are extremely cost-efficient.

Readily Available ??? The best protein bars can be found in almost any store. For instance, convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores, and retail stores carry a nice variety of bars from which a person could choose. Sweet Food ??? For many people, a craving of something sweet ends up with a candy bar, ice cream, donut, or something else loaded with sugar being consumed. However, because protein bars come in a wide variety of delicious flavors and even the most health bars are made with natural sweetener such as honey, they satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

Muscle Development ??? Muscle develops by breaking down from a hard workout and then being built up with protein. However, the healing period during which the injured muscle heals at the cellular level beings very quickly after performance. This means to increase lean muscle mass, protein would need to be introduced to the body within about 30 minutes after a workout. Obviously, taking a shower, getting to a restaurant, ordering food, and then eating could not happen in that timeframe but depending on the best protein bars would be possible.

Weight Loss ??? For the person trying to drop weight, certain brands and formulas of protein bars could be used as a meal supplement. Keep in mind, at no time should a person use protein bars for more than one meal but by choosing a product made with organic or natural ingredients of high quality and those with no more than 200 calories, the effort to lose weight would be supported.

Choosing Only the Best

With an understanding of why the best protein bars are very important, the next step is to choose those given high marks by medical professionals but also consumers. Remember, there are numerous choices, which is why finding the best product is so difficult. However, no matter the product most interested in, using the following guidelines would make it easier to find the best protein bars.

Protein should be high quality and either wheycasein, which comes from cow???s milk or egg soy. No matter the choice, high quality is imperative.

Of the product???s total calories, no more than 35% should come from fat and 10% from saturated fat.

Protein bars offer a wide range of caloric level but for the best protein bars, 200 to 300 would be considered best.

Best Protein Bars to Consider

Although there are far more possibilities than the two examples listed below, these are great representations of what the best protein bars should be comprised of.

Balance Bars ??? Made with high quality soy protein and formulated with toasted soy beans, calcium caseinate, and whey protein concentrate, this particular product is an exceptional choice. Now, compared to the competition, sugars are higher in this product but not to the point of raising red flags. In addition, this protein bar comes in wonderful flavors that all taste amazing.

Detour Bars ??? Another option for the best protein bars is manufactured by Next Nutrition. In this case, protein is whey based, coupled with the perfect balance of carbohydrates and sugar. Being rich in carbohydrates, this product is popular among people who appreciate a hard workout at the gym but are relatively low in calories; it is also a good choice for someone trying to drop unwanted pounds.

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